The Board of Directors of this 38-unit residential building wanted to upgrade the appearance and functionality of their small 500 square foot lobby. With a limited budget, the design had to take advantage of the durable and/or expensive materials in place. As requested by the client group, the new design provides a larger, more functional [...]

The new lounge and dining space has been created by deploying a palette of rich colors and materials overlaid on a more formal framework created by small adjustments to the existing plan and constructing a new ceiling for the lounge space. This space is punctuated by a series of seating arrangements with corresponding area [...]

The existing house had been broken up into apartments years before and was not in great shape. There were additions from the 80s to the house on the side and back that were nicely done but oriented back inward towards the house as at the time they were done the now beautiful river was probably [...]

The design for the renovation of a master bedroom and bathroom suite for a Victorian studies professor and a psychologist developed from the style that has evolved in the rest of their home, a combination of Victorian with classic 50's & 60's modern furniture. The new bedroom resembles a four-poster bed that one can walk [...]

The house is sited on 5 acres on Moriches Bay with 1,100 feet of beachfront. In the late 1980's, a poured-in-place concrete foundation was laid by the former owner, but the work stopped at that point. The clients wanted a house that was about forty percent smaller than the one originally planned. They also disliked [...]

tibet house


The Board of Directors describes their vision of this project as follows: Tibet House is a non-profit cultural institution designed to save, promote, and enrich the sacred arts and philosophy of the ancient civilization of Tibet-a culture that is now on the brink of total annihilation. Part of the vision-already coming true-is an array of [...]