This 1,450 square foot loft was designed for an attorney with a large Manhattan law firm. The screen-like partitions were developed to do a number of things formally and functionally. Their relatively short height makes the space seem larger and allows it to be read as a whole. The screens that flank the living room [...]

In this new kitchen for an architectural photographer, the design connects the open spaces of his loft to the closed spaces, (the bedroom and bathroom). Service elements not normally seen in residential settings but common in lofts, (e.g. electrical conduits and gas lines) are given a formal role in defining the geometry and representing the [...]

Phase one of this project was a small addition, totaling about 180 square feet, that radically transforms the interior of the house and its relationship to the exterior, and in particular, a beautifully landscaped terrace and pool. The curved shape is employed to create the greatest amount of useable space on the interior with the [...]

tibet house


The Board of Directors describes their vision of this project as follows: Tibet House is a non-profit cultural institution designed to save, promote, and enrich the sacred arts and philosophy of the ancient civilization of Tibet-a culture that is now on the brink of total annihilation. Part of the vision-already coming true-is an array of [...]

This 2,400 square foot loft with 13' - 3" ceilings was designed for a client who is an artist and film director, his wife, and their young children. From early studies on, a decision was made to have the dining room at the center of the loft, reflecting its importance in most Jewish rituals in [...]