This apartment is for a single woman who chose space and a view over discreet rooms. The client has collected many beautiful artifacts in her travels, and runs a company that creates award-winning hand-knotted carpets made in Nepal.

The living room is a topographic landscape formed by the platforms of the seating areas, tables and shelves. The platforms create a plinth, or low stage at each wall to present the compositions of shelving, objects, and flat art above. A section of the wall was removed between the living room and bedroom to allow the living room (the preferred) view out of the bedroom windows, and shelves ‘float’ in this opening. Inside the bedroom a pair of shutters can wrap around the shelves to close off this opening for privacy.

In the bedroom, a closet unit sits on another plinth, with drawer units cantilevered off the wall. A flat fabric canopy is hung over the bed, a Feng-Shui prescribed element due to the beams on the ceiling. The window treatment consists of simple bars with pieces from the client’s considerable collection of antique and unusual fabrics hung over them.

The simple, spare lines of the apartment reflect the client’s lifestyle — the interesting and beautiful objects display her experiences and tastes.