Design Your Office to Enhance Productivity and Creative Thinking

Design Your Office to Enhance Productivity and Creative Thinking

Schedule an office architecture design consultation in New York, NY

When you're outfitting and designing your office space, you need an architect who can meet all your functional goals while delicately balancing and incorporating your branding and aesthetic.

wanta-architect PLLC, an architectural design firm in New York, NY, will make sure your office architecture and design:

  • Presents you are brand from the overall statement to the most subtle design decisions
  • Looks clean and balanced, indicating a professional office environment
  • Is conducive to the work you're doing and spurs productivity in your employees

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What do you need your showroom to do?

When you're setting up a showroom, you want every design choice to be intentional, with the practical purpose of selling your products. Stephen Alastair of wanta-architect PLLC is an architect with a portfolio spilling with showroom design projects in New York, NY.

When designing your space, we'll ask ourselves:

  • How do you want to convey the overall characteristic of your brand?
  • How should we highlight your products through the context we place them in?
  • What is your company's brand and character?

Working hand-in-hand with you, we'll find the answers to these questions and design the space around those conclusions, keeping subtly in the forefront of our design plan. As lead designer Stephen Wanta says, "I want everything you actually see to be something you can buy."

Reach out to us right now to set up the design services you need for your showroom.

Showrooms and Offices

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